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Is “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” Offensive? A Comprehensive Review

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Is What's Eating Gilbert Grape offensive? It's a question that has been asked by many viewers of the 1993 film directed by Lasse Hallström and starring Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Juliette Lewis. The movie tells the story of Gilbert Grape, a young man in a small town who is responsible for his family after his father's suicide. With an obese mother to care for and a mentally challenged younger brother named Arnie to watch over, Gilbert struggles with his own personal life while trying to keep everything together.

The movie deals with themes such as love, loss, mental illness and self-discovery; however some viewers have expressed concerns about the portrayal of characters like Arnie who has an intellectual disability. Is What's Eating Gilbert Grape offensive because it uses disability as entertainment or does it present an honest portrayal of what it means to live with disabilities? In this article we will explore different perspectives on this topic without giving away any definitive answers. So read on if you want to learn more about this controversial issue surrounding one of Hollywood's most beloved movies!

Is What's Eating Gilbert Grape Offensive?


"What's Eating Gilbert Grape" is a classic American drama film released in 1993. Directed by Lasse Hallström, the movie stars Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Juliette Lewis in lead roles. The story revolves around a dysfunctional family living in a small town of Iowa and their struggles with daily life.

The film was praised for its sensitive portrayal of mental disabilities, exceptional performances by the lead actors, and its realistic depiction of rural America. However, there have been questions raised about whether the movie is offensive or not.

In this article, we will discuss whether "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" is offensive or not.

Plot Overview

Before we jump into discussing if "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" is offensive or not let us take an overview look at the plot:

Gilbert (played by Johnny Depp) lives in Endora – A small town where nothing much happens. He has two younger siblings who he cares for since his mother passed away seven years ago from suicide after her morbid obesity led to her becoming immobile within their home.

Gilbert works as a clerk at Lamson’s Grocery Store but also spends much of his time caring for Arnie (Leonardo DiCaprio), his brother who suffers from intellectual disabilities that require constant attention.

As well as trying to manage Arnie’s condition and keep him safe while avoiding offending anyone else in town regarding it .Moreover; he begins having an affair with Becky (Juliette Lewis), whose car breaks down on Route 66 near Endora.

Meanwhile challenges arise when they must dismantle their childhood home due to it being unsafe because of environmental reasons causing tension between them over what should be done next concerning both themselves individually alongwith familial issues leading up towards breaking point .

The Themes

One can't deny that "What's eating Gilbert grape?" explores several themes that are relevant today. These include issues like mental illness, obesity, rural living. The movie also portrays family dynamics and relationships in a realistic manner.

Is "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" Offensive?

The primary criticism of the movie is that it allegedly mocks people with disabilities and obesity. However, others argue that the film sensitively represents such an underrepresented group in mainstream media.

Critics say that Arnie's character is portrayed as a joke rather than being taken seriously as someone with a disability due to the way he acts throughout the film which includes him climbing water towers despite his caregivers repeatedly stating how dangerous this can be for him or those around him leading towards endangerment of life.

Furthermore; some viewers have found Gilbert’s constant embarrassment towards Arnie to be offensive instead of relatable given his circumstances as his brother's caretaker while trying to lead his own life at same time.

Moreover; some critics believe the portrayal of Bonnie Grape (Gilbert’s late mother) was insensitive because she was shown stuck in her home due to her weight gain , which arguably perpetuated negative stereotypes about body image and fat-shaming without any real exploration into why or how this used within storytelling would affect those who suffer from similar struggles personally.

However, on closer inspection we find both elements were included intentionally so audience could see challenges faced by people directly affected by these issues daily – including romantic relationships they seek out whether it be internalized guilt stemming from feeling ashamed even when not extending judgement externally due societal pressures placed upon them.


In conclusion, opinions remain divided on whether "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" is offensive or not. While some argue that its portrayal of disability and obesity borders on mockery, others contend that it sensitively depicts these topics.

It must also be kept in mind though while watching films like What’s Eating Gilbert Grape- there may always exist certain problematic aspects embedded within storylines unintentionally overlooked by creators themselves during inception process hence understanding and acknowledging these nuances within storytelling can be a useful exercise in empathy-building for us all.


that is easy to understand and does not use technical jargon.

Is What's Eating Gilbert Grape Offensive?

What's Eating Gilbert Grape is a 1993 drama film by Lasse Hallström that tells the story of a young man named Gilbert Grape, who lives in a small town in Iowa with his dysfunctional family. The movie has been praised for its portrayal of complex characters and themes like mental illness, love, and sacrifice. However, some people have criticized the film for being offensive or insensitive towards certain groups or issues.

One of the main criticisms about What's Eating Gilbert Grape is that it portrays individuals with disabilities as objects of pity or ridicule. The character Arnie (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) has an intellectual disability, which causes him to behave childishly and make strange noises. Some viewers have argued that this portrayal reinforces negative stereotypes about people with disabilities and perpetuates ableist attitudes.

On the other hand, defenders of the movie argue that Arnie is portrayed with empathy and respect. The film shows how he struggles to find his place in society despite his limitations while also highlighting moments when he exhibits joyfulness or insightfulness despite his challenges.

Another criticism leveled against What's Eating Gilbert Grape involves its depiction of obesity. In the movie, Bonnie (played by Darlene Cates), Gilbert's mother is morbidly obese; she spends most of her time indoors because she cannot move around easily due to her size-related health problems.

Some critics claim that this portrayal reinforces harmful stereotypes surrounding obesity as laziness or lack discipline while ignoring possible underlying medical conditions contributing to weight gain such as insulin resistance levels disturbance among others

However others counter these accusations arguing out Bonnie character advocates for self-love regardless their body shape , showing her daily struggle dealing which should be taken positively avoiding body shaming .

Overall whether one finds What’s eating gilbert grape offensive depends on individual interpretation . While some may view certain aspects negatively, others may take away more positive meanings from the movie. It is important to approach the film with an open mind and be willing to engage in a thoughtful dialogue about any concerns that arise.

Does What's Eating Gilbert Grape accurately portray mental illness?

Mental health has always been a sensitive issue for society, and What's Eating Gilbert Grape does not shy away from portraying it on screen. Throughout its runtime, the film deals with issues such as depression, anxiety disorders , Bipolar among others . The main character of Arnie provides an insight into intellectual disability disorder (IDD), while his mother struggles with agoraphobia.

Critics have praised the film for its realistic portrayal of different mental health conditions. Despite some negative aspects surrounding IDD like blaming it on genetics or caricaturing those living with developmental disabilities , Arnie shows how individuals can still find joy in life despite their limitations

Similarly Bonnie characters showcases how people suffering from agoraphobia face daily struggles but also highlights they are capable of love sacrifice and resilience .

While no single movie can capture all aspects of mental illness accurately, films like What’s eating gilbert grape contribute towards reducing stigma against various medical conditions.

How did Leonardo DiCaprio prepare for his role as Arnie?

One aspect that stands out in this movie is Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance as Arnie . Leo put up a remarkable display bringing empathy towards those living with intellectual disability by highlighting their capabilities rather than just focusing on challenges associated .

To prepare for his role as someone who has an intellectual disability , DiCaprio conducted extensive research to understand IDD better getting behind who these people are beyond mere stereotypes which included working closely alongside experts both physical therapists and physiatrist specializing dealing positively handling patients battling Intellectual Developmental Disabilities

DiCaprio committed himself fully into preparing physically too by adopting certain movements mimicking patients he interacted at rehabilitation centers. He paid special attention to voice acting acting childish, slurring and making strange sounds to portray a realistic character.

All these efforts paid off as he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in 1994. His performance remains one of the highlights of What's Eating Gilbert Grape and has since been lauded as a breakthrough moment in his career.

What themes does What's Eating Gilbert Grape explore?

Beyond its depiction of mental illness, disabilities , love and sacrifice , Lasse Hallström’s movie explores several central themes throughout its runtime that we can relate with on different levels .

One key theme is family dynamics; the film portrays how individuals often carry emotional baggage from their childhood into adulthood, which negatively affects their relationships with others. The family members' struggles are showcased through various lens including marital issues between two sisters , personal rebellion by Arnie & existential crisis faced by Gilbert

Another theme is small-town life and rural America . The film captures life in a small town where everybody knows everyone else’s business. This aspect brings out some social concerns like gossiping alienation & tackling boredom among other societal challenges prevalent within such settings

Finally, there’s the idea that everyone has something to offer despite limitations or hardships they face daily . Through characters like Arnie Bonnie (DiCaprio) who have IDD or agoraphobia respectively it explores how people can still lead fulfilling lives even if society sees them differently than those without these conditions .

Is there any reason why I should watch this movie?

What's Eating Gilbert Grape offers viewers a chance to see social problems tackled both sensitively yet realistically on screen while providing laughter at moments due Leo DiCaprio comical portrayal as an intellectually disabled person alongside emotional moments brought about by mother-son relationship between Bonnie &Arnie .

The film also gives us insights into rural america setting which could help enhance our understanding towards communal psychology present within such environments based small towns boosting our empathy towards marginalized communities living under certain conditions

Ultimately, whether someone should watch What's Eating Gilbert Grape is a personal decision. However, those who enjoy thoughtful films with complex characters and themes will likely find this movie to be an engaging and impactful experience.


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